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Want to discover Amsterdam’s local habits? Why don’t take a Food Tour?

Yes, it should be admitted that Dutch people are not the most creative people when it comes to dinner food. Smashed potatoes with Brussels’ sprouts and meatballs is perhaps the only meal that can be classified as typically Dutch. However, we have a bunch of sweet candies and salty delicacies that make a perfect food tour! Taste the famous and delicious Gouda cheese and try our traditional Dutch cookie ‘’stroopwafel’’ on this 2-hour walking tour. Don’t be scared when you hear that we eat our herring RAW (!!!). The bones and the organs of this tiny fish are removed and it tastes really, really good.

Yes, we do a lot of tasting on this tour, but it also includes stories about the historical and cultural background of the dishes. Learn about the annual auction of the “first barrel of herring”, what kind of sauce we eat with our fries, and discover how many cookies Dutch people offer you at home (if they offer you some at all). If you want to take a light and fun tour and learn something about the local culture, our Food Tour might be perfect for you!

Details tour:

  • Start & end location: National monument Dam square
  • Duration of the tour: Approximately 2 hours
  • Language: English, Spanish, German, Dutch
  • Max 20 people per group

This tour offers:

  • Herring, Cheese, Poffertjes, Liquorice, and more
  • Enthusiastic Dutch guide
  • The cultural history behind the food.
  • An introduction to Dutch hospitality etiquette
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