Alternative Tour Amsterdam

The Alternative Tour Amsterdam will take you beyond the basic tourist destinations, into the heart and soul of Amsterdam!

You may know that Amsterdam is nowadays very tolerant of prostitution and marijuana, but the interesting thing is that it has not always been this way. With this Alternative Tour, we tell you how Amsterdam transformed in the 1960s from a Christian, conservative city into the “Magic Center” of counterculture, a transformation into the openminded city that we know today.

From here, we will explore how the toleration of marijuana and the squatting movement were born. The big question is: are the fifty years-old solutions to these issues still applicable today?

Further, the tour covers the beautiful UNESCO canal belt, street art and lots of funny “did-you-know’s” about Amsterdam. Come and experience for yourself why people live in the houseboats, what the difference is between a coffeeshop and a smartshop, get to know how Amsterdam became a bicycle city and discover the other Red Light District known as “bondage alley”!

Join us on the Alternative Tour to get off the tourist tracks and see a different Amsterdam, one of squatters, street art, and strange smoking policies!

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